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"Experience global reach with our worldwide shipping. Reliable delivery to your doorstep—ensuring access to quality healthcare no matter where you are."

Below you will find basic information about the shipping methods currently available to our customers. Take a moment to pick the one that suits your needs best.

  • Regular Airmail

Your order will be shipped as airborne, which makes it a speedier alternative to surface delivery services. This shipping method provides a number of benefits, most prominent of which are reliability, swiftness and affordability. When you opt for this type of shipping, you can expect your order to come in within a matter of 4 weeks, but most commonly the estimated time of delivery is between 21-30 days. The cost of delivery by means of Regular Airmail is $35.00. You can rest assured that your order shipped with Regular Airmail service will arrive timely and safely in a discreetly labelled envelope that does not reflect the nature of the goods ordered or any other confidential information.

  • Express Courier

The second shipping method offered at Ample Medicine is Express Courier. This method is preferred by those wanting an added layer of comfort and security. This delivery method is also less time-intensive, with just 14-20 days required for the order to ship in. The cost of Express Courier delivery is $35.00, and the range of extra services included into the package is proportionally larger.

Thus, orders sent with this shipping method will be trackable. You will also be able to change the delivery date by logging into your personal account with the service (for this you will need to create an account with the service at their website). There is also an option of having your parcel delivered straight to your door, or having it waiting for you at the post office. Home delivery means maximum convenience for you as a customer. Your packaged order is delivered all the way to your home.

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