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  • Why can the price change after some time?
    Prices for drugs change with time. It depends on the manufacturer’s policy and changes in the market or exchange rates.
  • How much time does the shipment take?
    Usually, the shipment can take 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the difficulty and specificity of your order.
  • What payment methods are applied?
    The most popular method is via a credit card, but on the ordering page, you will be offered several other payment ways. Please note, that there can be specific order fees.
  • What is the company’s return and cancellation policy?
    Because we want to provide safe and right service for all our customers and all our products are officially licensed, we accept returns within 24 hours. Therefore, we advise you to check multiple times when making your order, so everything will be correct and there won’t be any difficulties.
  • What if I am unable to find the medication I am looking for?
    You can find a full list of the drugs available on our website by using the search bar. If it happens so the medication you are looking for is not present, you can contact us +1 (914)-429- 2919 and we will try to find a solution for you.
  • What are generic drugs?
    Generic drugs are similar to brand-name drugs. They carry the same characteristics, quality, and strength.
  • Are generic drugs safe?
    Yes. Generic drugs undergo the same inspection as any other medication. All of them have to be FDA-approved to sell in pharmacies.
  • Do generic drugs take longer to work?
    No. Generic drugs have the same qualities as the brand-name ones, so it takes the same time to work for them as for brand-name medication.
  • Do you ship medication internationally?
    Yes. Ample Medicine works with a list of approved countries, and if you can see your location there, it means that you can order a shipment from our company. There can be a shipment fee, different for every country, so please consider that, before checking out.
  • What can be the price for shipment?
    There is a $35 USD shipping fee per patient. Additional fees might apply depending on what type of order you have.
  • How much money can be possibly saved?
    Generic drugs are considered to be less expensive, than brand-named ones. Our customers can have a 30-70% discount on their medication. Such bonuses allow you to save up several hundred dollars per visit.
  • What if I have questions about customer service?
    We provide online customer service, that works seven days a week on an established schedule. You can contact us via or call +1 (914)-429-2919 if you have any questions related to your experience on the website.
  • How does Ample Medicine use personal information?
    Your personal information is used only in the ways described in our Privacy Policy. We do not share, disclose, or trade any personal data. No information can be collected without the individual’s consent. Your personal information helps us improve the service our company wants to provide to you.
  • What are the side effects of Ivermectin?
    There are many potential side effects of Ivermectin. The most common ones include redness around the mouth or tongue, nausea, vomiting, headache, and abdominal pain. Rarely, an allergic reaction causes difficulty swallowing or breathing. In some cases, it causes headaches.
  • How does Ivermectin work?
    Ivermectin kills the parasites in the body by blocking their nervous system. The infection level can also be reduced by killing heartworms. However, if you are treated with Ivermectin and your heartworm medication is not working, this may not be enough to kill all of your parasites. This is why it is crucial to treat your worm infections with the proper medications.
  • Is Ivermectin a prescription drug?
    No, it’s available over the counter. It treats a wide variety of parasitic infections, including scabies and other skin infestations. It only comes in pills, however, it is often mixed with materials such as lotion or powder which can be applied externally on your skin.
  • Is Ivermectin safe for humans to take?
    Ivermectin is one of the safest medications that you can take to get rid of a wide variety of parasitic infestations, including scabies.
  • Is Ivermectin safe for dogs?
    Yes, it is safe for dogs. Besides, it is also safe for pregnant animals and animals with known heart problems.
  • Are there side effects from taking Ivermectin?
    Yes, the most common ones are nausea and vomiting. In rare cases, there can be difficulty swallowing or breathing, redness around your mouth or tongue, and an allergic reaction. In rare cases, it may make your head hurt after taking it long term. Rarely, you wake up with a headache after taking it for a long time.
  • How much Ivermectin should you take?
    The amount you should take depends on the purpose. It also varies depending on whether it’s taken internally or externally. The general recommendation for treating scabies is usually 150 mcg/kg/day orally for 3 days. For treating demodicosis or other skin conditions, it is recommended that 75 mg to 100 mg should be applied topically per 10 kg body weight, 2 times per day for 3 consecutive days.
  • What forms of Ivermectin are available?
    Ivermectin comes in pill form and is often mixed with other medications, such as lotion. It can also be injected. People use Ivermectin to treat many different types of parasites such as scabies, lice, worms, and more.
  • How long should you wait before washing the area again if I’m using lotion?
    It is most effective if the area is heavily infested with parasites. If Ivermectin hasn’t cleared the infection completely, then it will most likely come back within 1 week after treatment stops. Some parasites can only be eliminated by continuing to treat them with Ivermectin after treatment has stopped. You should wait for at least 4 weeks before retreating the same area.
  • What happens if you use too much Ivermectin?
    The most common side effects that happen after using Ivermectin are nausea and vomiting. However, if too much is used it can cause a headache and breathing difficulties.
  • Can you drink alcohol while taking Ivermectin?
    If you are trying to use this medication for parasitic infections, drinking alcohol is not effective. It will provoke side effects.
  • Can I get pregnant while taking Ivermectin?
    There is a wide variety of medications used for parasitic infections for pregnant women. If you are planning to have a child, it’s best to talk to your doctor.
  • How much Ivermectin should you take at once?
    The amount can vary depending on how grave the parasitic infection is. Follow the instructions on the package. If you are not sure contact your physician or your pharmacist.
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